Interactive Tours & Art Workshops


Select from a series of free interactive guided tours of Your Collection. The educational experience can be further enhanced by including an art activity with an Education Officer (charges and conditions apply).

Your visit can be customised according to curriculum needs, ability and interests of your class. Tours cater for students from pre-primary to year 12 as well as ESL and tertiary level.

Below is a list of the types of tours and art activities run by the Gallery's Education and Public Program team.

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  K-3 4-7
Acting Art
A unique and stimulating art experience which includes improvisation games within the gallery space. A great way to motivate students of all ages and abilities.
Appreciating Art
An exciting introduction to the diversity of our State Art Collection, exploring arts language and concepts.

Aqua Spots and Zigzags

An introduction to the elements of art. Unravel the mysteries of art in this engaging hunt for lines, shapes, textures, tones and colours.

Art, Philosophy and Aesthetics
What constitutes beauty, taste and value in art? What is censorship? How do artists use symbols and metaphors to convey ideas? Explore and discuss these philosophical and ethical concepts and more through examining works of art from the State Art Collection and special exhibitions.
Australian Identity
What does it mean to be an Australian and how do we feel about our country? Discover which images have helped shape our cultural identity.
Communication through Art
Discover the ways that artists share their experiences of the world around them.
Creating with Colour
An engaging experience for the younger student, this tour introduces the magic behind the colours of art.
Every Picture Tells a Story
Find the clues to how artists tell stories through visual texts.
Faces and Feelings
Explore how 2 and 3 dimensional artworks express mood and feeling.
Family and Change
Time, Continuity and Change can be explored through discussion of artworks.
Indigenous Art
Investigate the diversity of Indigenous Art and Culture through our outstanding collection of paintings, works on paper, craft and sculpture.
Investigating Colour
Explore how and why artist utilize colour in their artworks.
Just Imagine
A wonderful extension to Just Imagine, A Children’s Guide to the Art Gallery of Western Australia, this program encourages children to actively engage with artworks.
Mark on the Landscape
Students uncover the different ways in which art depicts the Australian landscape and the impact of human interaction.
Investigate a wide range of portraits in different styles, techniques and media.
Responding to Artworks
Self-guided worksheets designed to develop critical awareness and encourage the use of arts language.
Special tours and workshops for Upper Secondary
New tours and workshops aimed at Upper Secondary students, the themes of which are designed to align with the WACE Visual Arts Course. Select from Commentaries, Urban Art, Identities, Photography and Contemporary Art.
Three Dimensions
Discover the challenges faced by artists when creating artworks large and small.

Through the eyes of the Colonial Artist - First contact and the Australian Colonies
With particular emphasis on the Swan River Settlement, students will develop an understanding of British colonisation and its impact through examining works of art from the State Art Collection.

Note: This program can be extended with a visit to a National Trust heritage site e.g. Tranby House, East Perth Cemeteries.

Join a Voluntary Gallery Guide for an exciting adventure through the Contemporary State Art Collection.

Visual Analysis Art History and Criticism
This interactive workshop for secondary visual arts students focuses on visual literacy and analysis using visual analysis frameworks. Join with an AGWA Educator for an in-depth exploration of works of art from the State Art Collection and special exhibitions.

(Year 11 & 12 Students)

Visual Texts and Contexts: The Construction of Meaning
Using artworks as a stimulus, an Education Officer will facilitate discussion on issues of representation such as: gender, social class, race and/or ethnicity and cultural identity. (Year 11 & 12 Students)

Water Corporation - Every Drop Counts

Water Corporation - The Value of Water
Water Corporation - For all Forever

Water Corporation - Primary Students Discovery Sheets
Use this sheet to explore the Gallery and find an artwork that interests you and that you feel relates to water in some way.


Water Corporation - Secondary Students Discovery Sheets

Use this sheet to explore the Gallery and find an artwork that interests you and that you feel relates to water in some way.


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