Our CollaborART program is in full swing!

Now you can get involved in art through a range of fun hands-on workshops and events brought to you by AGWA and our community arts partners. Whether you’re passionate about craft and textile-based arts, the digital realm or sculpture-making you will find something to stimulate your creative mind.

CollaborART is an AGWA initiative with likeminded organisations working together to foster arts participation in the community. All paid activities include same day entry to Van Gogh, Dalí and Beyond.

Lifelines Project

Lifelines - Aneta WnekArtist Aneta Wnek is working as a CollaborART Partner for the MoMA Series exhibition Van Gogh, Dalí & Beyond: The World Reimagined. Aneta is continuing her Lifelines project drawing portraits, within the gallery, of visitors to the exhibition.

‘Everyone I meet is already there for the art, they're already absorbing the ambiance, they're contemplating, questioning, are in awe of all that is around them; and then they get confronted by me. What I like about that is that they move from being observers within this space, to being participants and part of it.’

Find out more about this project on the MoMA Series Blog.







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