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Desert River Sea

The Art Gallery of Western Australia with funding support from the Rio Tinto Community Investment Fund is pleased to present Desert River Sea: Kimberley Art Then & Now, an exciting and unique six year visual art project developed in close dialogue and consultation with Indigenous artists throughout the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Its outcomes will be threefold: the development of this continually evolving website, an exhibition and an emerging leaders program.

The Desert River Sea website will become a place where people from all over the world can learn more about the Kimberley, its creative hubs, its language groups, its history and its people. Updated regularly, it will grow into a compelling resource for all those seeking inspiration from, and information about, Kimberley art.


Emerging Leaders Forum, November 2013

Emerging Leaders Forum, November 2013

Back row (L – R): Betty Bundamurra, Daniel Walbidi, Rachael Umbagai, Glenn Isegar-Pilkington, Chad Creighton, Mark Nodea, Joseph Nugget, Michael Torres. Front row (L – R): Natalie Hunter, Jeannette Swan, Ben Ward, Jeremy Smith, Senior Advisor, Rio Tinto Community Investment Fund.


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