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Culture Juice, the Gallery’s new contemporary culture strand, will see the launch of two major projects in 2017, and more beyond.

A new collaboration with the WA Museum presenting Heath Ledger: A Life in Pictures and the SNEAKERHEADS season, which is a multi-dimensional celebration of sneaker culture, including the Perth exclusive showing of the US exhibition The Rise of Sneaker Culture.


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Heath Ledger
  This major season frames The Rise of Sneaker
exhibition touring from the US. Look out for
  cool local collections, watch Sneaker TV, contribute
  your story to #mysneakerstory run as a sneakerhead in HBF Run for a Reason.
  Heath Ledger: A Life in Pictures is a special
  collaboration between the WA Museum and members
  of Ledger's family. The exhibition is a revealing insight
  into the movie star and his passion for many art forms


Heath Ledger. Image courtesy Karin Catt. © Karin Catt photographer.





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