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mariko Mori - Artist talk

$15 | State Library Theatrette
2pm, Sunday 8 February 2015

Join us for an exclusive afternoon talk by leading international artist Mariko Mori as she delves deeper into her practice and brings light to Rebirth.

About Mariko Mori

Born in Tokyo in 1967, Mariko Mori first made an impact on the international art scene in the early-mid 1990s. Her perfectly-formed and powerfully ambitious sculptural and photographic work of that period was an immediately accessible reflection on the ways our identities were being shaped by various technologies and the philosophies driving them.

Over the last decade, Mori’s practice has gradually shifted in focus. Moving away from the urban realm, she has started exploring the connections between the human and other worlds in increasingly universal ways. Rebirth is the considerable synthesis of her expanded artistic attention and her first solo show in Australia.


Mariko Mori
Kumano video still 1998
Video installation
Sound by Ken Ikeda
Collection of the artist













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