18 April - 5 July 2009

Cinderella table

Cinderella table

Cinderella table


“We took a robot that was standing in line with other robots making moulds, I asked the manufacturer to give me one of the robots to make something unique, to find craftsmanship in a mass-producing production line, so then came the thought, like Cinderella hidden, she turned out to be so much more, and the 5 axis robot dances like a lady., high tech production machines can be so much more then just standing in line making low quality mass products. In a mass consumption society it is hard to let people imagine and wonder. If your razor would also be a mobile phone and would float, we would almost be bored, but the fact is that the mobile phones have more calculating power then in the first spaceship to the moon, machines that make mobile phones are the most high tech advanced tools we ever had, but still we see craft as something made with a hammer and a chisel, but if a great master in art like Bernini would have the "tools" we have now, would he not use them? I don’t think so. I know he would embrace every bit of it. It is hard to get people to think out of the box, just wanted to show that craft in this time has more possibilities and imagination inside itself as ever before, but we are mostly still making low quality…with it, our new craft of this century has new tools and if we as artists would not use them, then who would ever show what these tools can really be and mean for us”. 

Jeroen Verhoeven

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Gary Dufour is chief curator and deputy director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia and he spoke with Amanda Smith from ABC Radio National's Artworks on the Cinderella table for the program Jewel in the Crown.

The Cinderella table by Jeroen Verhoeven is on display now at the gallery in THING beware the material world exhibition. And there are lots of other objects in the show too: furniture, lighting, sculpture and photography that all have a strong design sense, from the latest in hi-tech to creative recycling, the delicate and the hand-made. Thing: Beware the Material World is at the Art Gallery of Western Australia until July 5.


Listen to Gallery Deputy Director Gary Dufour discuss the Cinderella table on ABC Radio National’s Art Works program.

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