Frank Hinder

a study in dynamic symmetry  

14 June - 21 September 2008

Frank Hinder

Canberra cyclists


watercolour and pencil

51.8 x 70.8cm

State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia

Purchased 1970

This exhibition presents a selection of works on paper by Frank Hinder, drawn exclusively from the State Art Collection. The exhibition sets out to explore the key interests of Hinder who, with contemporaries including Grace Crowley, Ralph Balson and Rah Fizelle, contributed significantly to the development of modernist theories in Australian art. Hinder had been exposed to the theory of dynamic symmetry - the geometric and organic ordering of space - during a formative period in the US, and upon his return to Australia set out to explore this in his artistic practice.

The display concentrates on working sketches and watercolours made by Hinder just prior to his return to Sydney in 1934 and the immediate years that follow. The preparatory sketches reveal his interest in abstraction, form, construction and colour harmony and is organised according to themes that preoccupied Hinder including his admiration of the worker and the commuter.

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