Rodney Glick & Lynette voevodin 

24hr panoramas


17 November 2006 – 21 January 2007

BHP Community Trust Gallery

This, the seventh in the ongoing Artist in Focus exhibition series, featured three dual DVD video projections. Each work recorded a full day with each camera recording one hour in a 24-hour day. The results were 24 parallel streams of compressed video projected as an eight-metre panorama of a single location. The three video projections included in the exhibition were Earthquake 1999-2002 filmed along the Great Eastern Highway at Merridin, Western Desert 2004 filmed at Parnngurr WA and Nullabour 2005-2006 filmed from the Indian Pacific Railway.

Rodney Glick has worked collaboratively throughout his entire career whether developing the Glick International Collection or co-founding the International Art Space Kellerberrin Australia. Since 1999, he has collaborated with Lynnette Voevodin and produced six large-scale panoramic video projections. Some of these works have been exhibited at the MCA in Sydney, The Sao Paulo Bienal and most recently at the Havana Biennale.

Glick & Voevodin’s projections do not attempt mimetic resemblance instead looking at the structure and phrasing of images. The effect of this syntactical approach widens the scope of how one can experience the landscape. Their videos break the routine of perception, perhaps even existence by dwelling on the unexpected which when observed closely reveal chance discoveries and a new experience of a perennial theme in Australian art – the land.




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