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28 June 2008 - 29 January 2010


Story is centred on works of art that depict the human figure, and encourages exploration of the different ways artists use the human form within a narrative.

The stories range from those that recount the mundane events of daily life, to the great tales of myth, legend, religion and history.  These often use interacting figures to tell a story about the bonds between the individual and society, or offer models for behaviour.  In other works, single figures are used to symbolise a deeper moral or spiritual meaning or give physical form to emotional states.

Audio Podcasts

Audio podcasts

The Art Gallery of Western Australia proudly presents a series of podcasts for your listening enjoyment. Each podcast will showcase works in a fascinating audio presentation of the permanent State Art Collection. We invite you to sit back and listen or download the audio files and take a walking tour of the Gallery. Lookout for our podcasts in the iTunes Store.

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McCubbin, Frederick: Down on his luck, 1889

Frederick McCubbin
Down on his luck
oil on canvas
114.5 x 152.5 cm
State Art Collection,

Art Gallery of Western Australia
Purchased 1896

John Longstaff

Breaking the news


oil on canvas

109.7 x 152.8 cm

State Art Collection,

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Purchased with funds from the

Hackett Bequest Fund, 1933



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