Western Desert Satellites

12 April – 24 September 2006

Special Exhibitions Gallery

The term ‘satellite’ evokes images of brightly burning stars in the night sky – pinpoints of light that stand out.  Works included in this exhibition were glittering examples of the most beautiful and unique artworks from the Western Desert region. The exhibition covers the works of established artists such as  Eubena Nampitjin, George Ward Tjungarrayi, Helicopter Tjungurrayi and Lucy Yukenbarri, Dinny Tjampitjin, as well as works of emerging artists such as Anmanari Brown, Roma Butler and Tjayanka Woods.

Story, song and characters in the tale of the Western Desert are all linked with one another and spread in specific ways across a huge expanse of country.  Artworks from this region are a reflection of geographical location, the narrative lines of the Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) associated with these places, and the contemporary ceremonies in which these connections are re-affirmed.  This mass of interlocking stories were depicted in the works in the exhibition, and gave viewers an opportunity to gain an understanding of the holistic nature of Indigenous art and culture. 

This exhibition was the first comprehensive review of the State Art Collection’s holdings of Western Desert art, and an opportunity to showcase these jewels of our collection. It included paintings, prints and objects from communities in Balgo Hills and Warburton, and from newer art centres operating in Irrunytju, Blackstone, Kiwirrkura and Parnngurr. Additional benefits will include an audit of the collection, improved documentation and community network building.


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