James Angus

Bugatti Type 35


Collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales,

purchased with funds provided by Andrew Cameron,

the Contemporary Collection Benefactors Program

and the Rudy Komon Memorial Fund 2006

© the artist  

Photograph: Jenni Carter


James Angus

Gorilla gorilla gorilla


State Art Collection

Art Gallery of Western Australia

© the artist

Photograph: Jenni Carter


This summer at the Art Gallery of Western Australia,

the ordinary and everyday are transformed,

and visual perceptions will be challenged, with an

exhibition of beguiling sculptures by leading

Australian artist James Angus.

James Angus’s finely crafted sculptures apply physical distortions to everyday objects and iconic architectural forms, making them at once familiar and strange to the eye.


Ordinary objects such as a teapot, soccer or basket ball are literally turned inside out, dropped from a great height or expanded to massive scale. Modernist skyscrapers and neo-Gothic castles are inverted or twisted, divided and then realigned in new geometric permutations.


Born in Perth in 1970 and now based between Sydney and New York, Angus references the world of architecture, design and nature as he explores the traditional properties of sculpture – scale, volume and form – to transformative ends.


Curated by MCA Senior Curator Rachel Kent, the exhibition features key works spanning a decade, drawn from Australian and international public and private collections. Also included is a major new sculpture made specifically for the exhibition that takes as its starting point a life-sized model of the legendary 1920s Type B Bugatti racing car. Other works explore the sculptural properties of organic forms: be it the wings and body of a mosquito, a gorilla’s skull or the undulating form of a manta ray as it glides silently through the water.


Angus often uses computer models in the realisation of his works and consults mathematicians, engineers and biologists as part of his research process.


James Angus is organised and toured by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia and is on display at the Art Gallery of Western Australia from 16 December 2007 to 2 March 2008.





Exhibition Sponsor:


  This exhibition is the Art Gallery of Western Australia's

  contribution to the 2008 Perth International Arts Festival




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