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Opened 7 November 2009

Built features artists whose works explore our relationship with the built environment and how we experience space.

Through a selection of sculptural and pictorial works from the State Art Collection Built shows how artists use and respond to built forms, and how these forms of architectural representation can suggest concepts of order and disorder, containment and collapse, and history and everyday reality.

The exhibition features a recent major acquisition by Callum Morton whose confrontational slumped wall is contrasted by another very different wall, Narelle Jubelin's installation which is elegant, orderly and contained. Produced fifteen years apart, both installations deal very differently with the legacy of modernism, architecture and the life of objects, the material constructions from everyday human existence. Each installation animates both objects and space to present a compelling mix of personal narratives, past histories and utopian conceits.



Callum Morton, a sculptural installation entitled Monument #23 Slump 2009

Callum Morton

Monument #23: Slump 2009

polyurethane, epoxy resin, fibreglass,

sand cement, timber, acrylic paint

260 × 960 × 270cm

State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia

Purchased through the Tomorrow Fund,

Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, 2009

© Callum Morton

Installation view at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney

| 26 February – 21 March 2009

photo: Ivan Buljan

BUILT - Joanna Lamb, Flatland figure 2006

Joanna Lamb
Flatland (Figure A) 2006
acrylic on canvas
4 panels, 120 x 148cm each
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Purchased with funds from the Contemporary Art Group
Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, 2006


All of the works in Built variously use the representation of architectural form as a vehicle for creative enquiry into abstraction, sequencing, perception, repetition or socio-cultural narratives. Through the motif of architecture, these works show the formal structures or conceptual devices that underlie their visual descriptions of everyday reality and life observed.


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