Current Exhibitions


A window on italy – the Corsini Collection: masterpieces from Florence

24 February – 18 June 2018

A Window on Italy  - The Corsini Collection: Masterpieces from Florence

screen space – kimsooja

17 February – 21 May 2018

Kimsooja Sewing into walking 1994-1998 (still)

WA Now – Julie Dowling – Babanyu (Friends for life)

3 February – 13 August 2018

Julie Dowling Is it ok to be two things at once 1996

six seasons gallery outside: matters of the heart in indigenous art

29 July 2017 – throughout 2018

Danie Mellor Paradise Garden (Different Country, Same Story) 2012

Your Collection


Frederick McCubbin Down on his luck 1889

rodgers gormley gallery


Antony Gormley Big Yield 2015

William Kentridge Shadow quartet


William Kentridge, Shadow quartet

julianne swartz blue Sky with rainbow


Julianne Swartz Blue Sky with Rainbow 2015 (detail)

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