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artist : public art


Fremantle Passenger Terminal Murals
(Wildflowers) 1960 detail
oil on wood 210.0 x 1426.5 x 12.0

Fremantle Passenger Terminal Murals

Postcard, Fremantle Passenger Terminal
Murfett Publishers, Australia.
Photography by David McCowan

Postcard, Fremantle Passenger Terminal

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The work of Bickley artist Howard Taylor will be prominent when the new overseas passenger terminal at Fremantle opens next month…. Mr Taylor said he was working on the last panel … He said he had spent a month making preliminary sketches of the different wildflowers and a month carving the panels, and would take another month painting and finishing them off. …. The aim of the mural was to provide art decoration for the terminal and illustrate West Australian wildflowers for the public and visitors.

West Australian November 16, 1960, p28

Fremantle Passenger Terminal Murals:

(Wildflowers) 1960
painted wood 210.0 x 1426.5 x 12.0

(Birds) 1960
oil on zinc coated steel 140.0 x 2610.0

(Trees) 1962
oil on composition board and jarrah 500.0 x 1882.0 x 12.0

(Fauna) 1962
oil on composition board panels 140.0 x 2610.0 overall

commissioned by the Fremantle Harbour Trust for the Fremantle Passenger Terminal.
Stage one completed December 1960,
stage two completed May 1962.
Architect: Hobbs, Winning and Leighton, Perth.