discovery 2000 howard taylor phenomena

Discovery 2000
oil on incised shaped panel
200 x 193 x 36
Estate of Howard H. Taylor, courtesy of Galerie D üsseldorf, Perth

The Art Gallery of Western Australia and The Museum of Contemporary Art share a commitment to Australia, contemporary art and the challenge to bring the best art of our times to the widest possible public. This joint initiative explores the achievements of Howard Taylor, one of Australia's most significant artists; the retrospective exhibition provides an opportunity once again to make an extraordinary body of work familiar at home and abroad.

Howard Taylor is one of Australia's most revered artists who has placed rigorous and intriguing demands upon specialists, interpreters, himself and the public over six decades. Based in the Western Australian forest town of Northcliffe, Taylor captured the changing light and colour of the Australian bush with unparalleled conceptual subtlety and artistic precision. His work demonstrates for us all that the more one looks the more enlightening experience becomes and that the resources of art are constantly replenished by the very problems it seems to pose.

The ONLINE GALLERY comprises 85 of Howard Taylorís works including two and three dimensional pieces, sketches and maquettes.

ELEMENTS OF TAYLOR investigates parallels that might be observed in the work as well the artistís methodology.