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artwork : elements of taylor
Howard Taylor studio interior, Northcliffe 1996
photographer Richard Woldendorp
Howard Taylor studio interior

"The interest in the Object/Space/Light/Paint materials is complex and has its origins in learning to paint and observe natural phenomena. There was a concrete link to painters of the past. Painting as a structure - an object made. Structure or even sculpture itself appeared. Sculpture steps out of painting. Light problems, found in shaped work particularly rely on optical contributions. So sculpture steps back into painting where the conditions can be fixed. . The overall concern was for landscape or related elements of nature."

Howard Taylor, note in the artist's hand 1997

This section presents the artist's work in terms of process, enquiry and technique. Insights into how Taylor progressed and refined ideas are gleaned from a close analysis of individual works as well as personal documents, sketchbooks and maquettes.

The Horizontal Landscape
Structure & Space: 2D & 3D Spaces
Motifs:  Forest Figures, Black Stump