Art Nouveau from the State Collection

24 June 2006 ongoing

Roughly 100 years ago the modern style which was all the rage in Europe, Australia and North America was Art Nouveau. The artists and designers who promoted the new style sought a fusion between the arts, including fashion, architecture, furniture, and the decorative arts.

Although conceived for the increasingly urbanised world at the turn of the twentieth century, the single most important source of inspiration for Art Nouveau design was nature. Some designers copied nature realistically, applying their designs to conventionally shaped objects; others drew from nature to create the exaggerated flowing forms more commonly associated with the movement.

The State Art Collection has an impressive holding of Art Nouveau objects which includes exquisite examples of Tiffany, Gallé, Daumand Loetz glass, Liberty silverware, European ceramics, and furniture.
The display includes pieces from the Art Nouveau period, and features an abundance of floral ornamentation – the perfect complement to ‘Art in Bloom’.

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