Max Ernst:

Surreal, Books and Graphics

27 March – 9 June 2002
BHP Gallery

Max Ernst was one of the early 20th century’s most confronting artists. He deliberately produced works that continually challenge the eye as well as the mind, and which reflect his decision to push aesthetic boundaries repeatedly. Max Ernst’s enigmatic images are marked by a constant fluctuation between an introspective, microscopic view and strange and terrifying visions on a monumental scale.

This exhibition of graphic works, drawn from all periods of his career, showed the scope of Max Ernst’s extraordinary imagination, as well as his remarkable skill as a technical innovator. In particular it featured excellent representation of his collage novels, which are considered amongst the most important works produced by Surrealism.

Exhibition organised by IFA Touring Exhibitions, a department of the German Government Department of Foreign Relations in association with the Goethe Institut, Melbourne. Australian tour managed by the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

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