24 August - 17 November 2002
Wesfarmers Gallery


The quotidian is defined by the Oxford English dictionary as 'of things, acts etc.: of or pertaining to every day; daily.' We use this seemingly pretentious term in part to suggest that perhaps the ordinary and the banal are not simple at all. The State Art Collection holds many photographs, drawings and sculpture that look at the places where we spend most of our lives - the everyday urban or suburban localities that are the backdrop for human traffic and residence. Traditionally overlooked by artists hurrying after the beautiful and the unique, the ordinary and undervalued were the focus of attention in this exhibition. 'Quotidian' asked us to look again at the world around us and to attune ourselves to the material, texture and grain that define the real stuff of our lives.

David Goldblatt, Dutch Reformed Church, completed in 1984, Quelerina, Johannesburg, Transvaal, 3 November 1986.

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