26 October 2002 - 12 January 2003
BHP Community Trust Gallery

'Shock' combined historical and contemporary works that explored aspects of non-indigenous responses to Australian space. The tenor of these negotiations oscillate around notions of physical and intellectual dis-location and dis-ease. Within this, works such as Sidney Nolan's Desert Storm were displayed alongside David Goldblatt's suite of photographs of Wittenoom (Western Australia's ex-capital of asbestos production), William Strutt's Black Thursday, and Rodney Glick and Lynnette Voveodin's Earthquake. This selection aimed to tease out some of the historically complex relations to the physical world as a zone of potential physical and conceptual shocks and upheavals. Understood, perhaps, as an antipodean artistic counterpoint to Paul Bowles' 1949 novel The Sheltering Sky, it is a kind of visceral and visual engagement that critically highlights the longevity and nuances of colonial existentialism.

Rodney Glick and Lynette Voevodin, Earthquake 2001- 2 - channel video projection.
Purchased with funds from the Sir Claude Hotchin Art Foundation, 2001.

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