South-West Central: Indigenous Art From South Western Australia 1833-2002

30 January 2003 - 30 March 2003
Special Exhibitions Gallery

South-West Central presented a comprehensive survey of contemporary Nyoongar art from the Southwest region of Western Australia.

This exciting exhibition was the Gallery's major contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the Perth International Arts Festival. A comprehensive survey of contemporary Nyoongar art from the Southwest region of Western Australia, South-West Central showcased the wide spectrum of work produced from the Carrolup and Mariibank communities.


Bella Kelly Untiltled (SW Landscape)             1969                                                           watercolour

Christopher Pease, Monnop


oil on canvas.

Collection Art Gallery

of Western Australia

The aim of South-West Central was to contribute to an enhanced knowledge and awareness of pertinent social and cultural issues that have affected Nyoongar life. The works displayed provided an insight into life before European contact, Colonisation, issues surrrounding the Stolen Generation and the intertwining of contemporary Indigenous and European cultures.

Ceramics, textiles, paintings and watercolours were included in the exhibition; show-casing a wide range of activity from the nineteenth century as well as the mid-twentieth century. Shane Pickett's Waagle - Rainbow Serpent depicted the story of the creation of Nyoongar people. Francine Kickett's fabrics told of the six seasons of the Nyoongar culture. Sandra Hill explored the Nyoongar tragedy of the Stolen Generation with Halfcaste - a social experiment and Dear Mr Neville. Christopher Pease, who won the painting category at the prestigious Telstra Art Award for 2002, addressed the notion of placement of Nyoongar people in present day society with Nyoongar Dreaming.




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