TraceS of Genius

12 April 2003 - 22 June 2003
Special Exhibitions Gallery


This exhibition was organised by the Art Gallery of Western Australia in partnership with the Amsterdams Historisch Museum (AHM). 

Works loaned and displayed included a selection of master drawings from the AHM's own Collection of fine Italian Renaissance, 17th century Dutch and 18th and 19th century French drawing. The exhibition was the first major drawings exhibition held at the Art Gallery of Western Australia for many years.

                                          Francesco Salviati (de'Rossi),

      Woman with the downcast eyes, c.1539-41

Bartholomeus Assteyn, Tulip and spider, c.1660


Peter Paul Rubens, Young man with his arm around a young woman,

From the beginning of the seventeenth century a strong interest in flowers, especially tulips, swept Holland. This drawing belongs to a group of 483 sheets that together formed a sale catalogue for tulips. So-called 'tulip books' were commissioned by dealers to advertise the bulbs they were offering for sale in winter.


Peter Paul Rubens made many preparatory drawings before starting work on a new painting. This fabulous sheet belongs to a series of at least nine sketches drawn from live models in preparation for his masterpiece Garden of love (Museo del Prado, Madrid).

Willem van de Velde the Younger, Inland ships on sandbanks, c.1665

Willem van de Velde the Younger was one of the best known maritime painters of his day. This drawing, executed with the brush alone, depicts realistic scenery such as could be found anywhere along the Dutch coastline.



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