Unguarded Moment

5 June – 5 Sept
Special Exhibitions Gallery

The Church's classic song "The Unguarded Moment" from their 1981 debut album Of Skins and Heart is about that private place were we can allow ourselves to fall into ourselves, our feelings, our melancholy...into the heartbreak that will ruin us if we don't succumb to it. It's a pretty loaded song to base the title of a photo survey on. In being so, however, it allows us to focus on the role of photography in capturing those aspects of life that we might otherwise keep hidden. So, while photography deals with the visible, it also hints at other stories and feelings lying bubbling below the surface or slightly beyond the picture's limit.

As a survey of works in the State Art Collection An Unguarded Moment brings together historical, indigenous and contemporary works that all, in their very different ways, say something about the fine balance between revelation and reservation that photography deals with. Highlights include the moving works by Axel Poignant of the Canning Stock Route shot in the early 1940s, the Asiatic Iconic Decalogue by Max Pam and Darren Siwes' Church no 1. The conversations between such disparate works reveal both the many faces and meanings of photography as a documentary trace of a moment in time or as a highly choreographed pictorial construction and the depth and breadth of the State Art Collection's holdings in this increasingly important arena of artistic practice.

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