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Richard Woldendorp pictorial books


To coincide with the Abstract Earth: The Photography of Richard Woldendorp exhibition the Art Gallery Shop is selling a number of pictorial books by Richard Woldendorp, including "Abstract Earth A view from above" that captures the essence of this wonderful exhibition.

Abstract Earth: a view from above

Richard Woldendorp is one of Australia"s leading photographers. For more than 40 years he has documented the country"s unique landscape from the sky as a pioneer of aerial photography. Intrigued by the uniqueness of the Australian landscape, Dutch born Richard Woldendorp became a landscape photographer with a strong interest in aerial photography, which he feels captures the vastness of the outback best.

‘I’ve always thought Richard’s aerials were extraordinary. Their painterly abstract qualities look like no other photographer’s work I’ve ever seen’ — R. Ian Lloyd, Curator of the Abstract Earth Exhibition at S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney New South Wales.

This latest book of photography by Richard Woldendorp spans the last 27 years of his working life. It features 86 of the aerial Australian landscapes for which Richard is justifiably famous.



        Price: $49.95

        ISBN: 9781921361319


        Pages: 120

        Publication Year: June 2008

Other books on sale


Down to Earth: Australian Landscapes

A dazzling collection of extraordinary Australian landscapes from renowned photographer Richard Woldendorp, accompanied by a substantial essay from Tim Winton, examining his own personal responses to the land.

Landscape is a personal passion of mine, perhaps even an obsession. I travel silly distances, undergo myriad discomforts to be out in it, to revisit country I"m intimate with, encounter places and landforms I"m a stranger to. I seek out images of landscape in art and literature, feel it drawing me with a force I can"t always explain, but it"s an itch I scratch without ever having to feel particularly lonely because it seems that many Australian"s share a similar preoccupation – Tim Winton




         Price: $59.95

          ISBN: 9781863682596

          Author: WINTON TIM

                        WOLDENDORP RICHARD

          Pages: 240

          Publication Year: 1999


Design by Nature

Design by Nature is a book of images from one of Australia’s best loved photographers, Richard Woldendorp.

‘The speck of a small plane is moving lazily over the jagged coastline of Australia. Every so often the plane lands and a sole occupant alights to wander along the shore. Along the mighty length of this coastline Woldendorp can spot a million pictures. There’s the energy of king tides and the oozing sprawl of mudflats, elegant clusters of granite rock thrusting from calm seas and the miniscule beauty of polyps exposed at low tide’ — Victoria Laurie.




       Price: $29.95

       ISBN: 9781863 683494

       Author: LAURIE VICTORIA

       Photography: WOLDENDORP RICHARD

       Pages: 96

       Publication Year: 2001


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