Professional Development


For groups of 10 or more.

Arts Ignition Laboratory                                                                                                 
A full day experiential workshop to investigate ways of bringing creativity and arts practice into classrooms to meet curriculum outcomes in imaginative ways. Teachers can bring in current themes and areas of study to workshop and develop new ways of engaging students through the arts. Schools can also bring in a more global shared concern or interest to explore ways of problem solving or designing imaginative pathways towards desired outcomes.

Unlocking Imagination
Unlocking Imagination is a Professional Development workshop in which teachers are supported to engage with creative strategies that emphasise process and experience, over product. This artist led workshop provides a unique opportunity for teachers to experiment with ways of nourishing the capacities required for authentic creativity, as opposed to creating step by step artworks with known outcomes. Skills like deep listening, trust, risk-taking, empathy, connection and collaboration are at play in these sessions. The workshops are made up of responsive experiments, activities and art games that give educators a versatile tool kit for bringing creativity into their classrooms.

Drawing Breath
A meditative drawing workshop that utilises MINDFULNESS as a way for teachers to relax, connect and replenish. Mindfulness is a valuable tool for educators interested in deeply investigating their pedagogies and creating genuine calm in their learning environments. Teachers will take away a Tool Kit of creative practices to support their own wellbeing as well as strategies for creating positive and open-ended learning environments

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