Shadow Quartet

Shadow Quartet

Shadow Quartet forms an ensemble of four individual sculptures; each one of the figures is actually a cluster of multiple shadow figures with different personas that appear and disappear as you move around and between them.

Ambiguity, recognition and deception are intertwined in Shadow Quartet, as each sculpture morphs playfully from one persona to another, from one individual to many, changing before your eyes – animated by your movement. Shadow Quartet therefore creates continuous and surprising perceptual discoveries of recognition and transformations, and great visual pleasure.

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About the artist


William Kentridge is considered one of the most compelling artists of our time. His work spans an extraordinary range encompassing drawing, sculpture, film, opera, tapestry and more. Your Collection has eighteen works by Kentridge, including four large bronzes commissioned as a group in 2002 with funds raised by the Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation. This commission created the opportunity for Kentridge to realise for Perth the monumental-scale sculpture entitled Shadow Quartet.


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